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Pennywise IT 2017 3D Printable model

Pennywise IT 2017 3D Printable model

Here we have Pennywise the clown from IT 2017 3D Printable Model Pennywise was made on zbrush I will guide you how we printed and painted the model


Pennywise was printed on a tevo tarantula using S3D Slicer with these settings

X 132 Y 116 Z175

Support Yes the only part that needs support is the head and the back of his neck

layer Hight 0.2

Top Solid Layers 3

Bottom Solid Layers 3

Outer Perimeter Shells

Infill 19%

Temp Hot End 200 Bed 60

printed in generic Unbranded Filament

Here is the S3D Profile We Used Tevo Tarantula s3d Profile

Post Processing

There was a small amount of clean up on the body and head we used a dremmel to clean it all up sanded it and primed it with Putty Filler and sanded again


The Clothes have 4 different shades of green with 1 shadow 1 highlight the bobbles was painted red the paint we use is acrylic Vallejo the face is white black Gray and red the hair is ginger with a Highlight The way we do our painting is by putting down the base coats 1st we work on everything apart from the face then we add the highlights and shadows to the clothes and hair then we start on the face this part was the hardest part of the painting trying to get everything nice and clean

Forward 3D Printing Facebook Group

Inov 3D is now a moderator of the group Forward 3D Printing and as a thank you we would like to give the group a coupon of 50% off for this model If you have not received this Coupon yet just ask one of the moderators or admins in the group and they will give you it Inov 3D will bring you allot of new things from 3D Printers to Models

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