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Motorbike show trophy Motorbike show trophy

Tarlair Macduff N.E.S.C.B.S Motorbike Show Best of Show Trophy

Tarlair Macduff N.E.S.C.B.S Motorbike Show  Best of Show Trophy

Inov 3D Has Donated a trophy to N.E.S.C.B.S the trophy is for best of show we 3d printed the model added electronics also painted the model and added something a little extra


N.E.S.C.B.S Motorbike Show

The N.E.S.C.B.S motorbike show is held in Tarlair Macduff the motorbike show will have compititions for

  • Best Chop/Bobber
  • Best Classic
  • Best Engineering
  • Best Street Fighter
  • Best 3 Wheels
  • Best Paint
  • Best Rat
  • Best Scooter
  • Best Under 500cc
  • Best Sports Bike
Furthest travled to show on bike/trike

The show this year is part of the Friends of Tarlair Gala/Fun day they are raising money to save the pool

Thee will be allot to do at the show camping on the 19th the night before the show. The show is held on the 20th August 2017 thay open all day to 4pm Free entry so why not come and have a look there will be stalls Raffles Food And Drink and allot of amazing motorbikes to see. half of the money raised will go to the freinds of tarlair the other half is going to some worthy cause in the North East which has not been decided yet. Last year it went to help a disabled biker in Portsoy and the year before it went to a little girl in Fraserburgh who needed an operation Animates will be opaning the show with exotic animals there will be Apperance from trolls, Banff Castle Pipe Band, Open Mike Slots, Model Boats, Pony And Trap Rides, Bouncy Castle, various Food And Craft Stalls


Imagineering Peterhead

Imagineering Provided us with this amazing engraved tag to go with the trophy no scratches nothing perfect work


Best Of Show Trophy

Now we will be goin into how we made the trophy from printing to the final product took a while to make but was well worth it


The Application we use for printing the models is S3D its a Premium Slicer but really good the printer we used for this 3d print was the tevo tarantula 


Post Processing

This Part William Donald From Inov 3D Does this is what we go through once parts are removed from the bed we remove all support and melt of strings we dont have much of this. then we give all parts a quick sand for better adhesion of the filler primer. I then join all parts together with glue. Once all parts are joind i then use wood filler on all the joins the reason i use wood filler is becouse it dosent set fast and is really easy to sand. once this is hard we then sand the wood filler and put more on if needed then sand. Then One or 2 more coats of filler primer and then sand filler primer is used to build up the low parts so you can sand the high parts to the make the parts smooth. After this i just put one coat of White primer 



The electronics are basic 4 red led with a resistor in the + line with a 12v power supply



Ok now on to the hardest part of this whole model the painting and finishing work William Donald painted most of this model he started of with black as the base then used graphite powder mixed with acetone this give its a really shiny effect. the red was layered up on the face and some chrome added



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