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DeadPool 3D Printed Model DeadPool 3D Printed Model Inov 3D

Deadpool Printed Model

Deadpool model Printed and painted By Inov 3D

Deadpool Model Printing and preparation by William Donald of Inov 3D Paint Job by Lynne Stewart of Inov 3D Made Printable by Malix3Design


The total print time of this model at 130% speed 0.2500 layer hight 3 bottom layers 2 out perimiters 3 top layers on S3D took around 45 Houres

Post process  includes sanding priming with filler primer priming with white primer joining and fixing the joints took around 12 houres 

Painting the model base coat of red black 2 different browns copper silver gray and white 15 hours


all time spent on this project might look allot but we like to do our best so we take our time with every model we do let me explain to you our process then we will go into what could be fixed to make this model better




The printer we used for this model was a tevo tarantula a good beginner DIY Printer this printer comes in a kit and you build it up after you build it. you then go through calibrating it from extruder calibrations to PID Calibrations this printer can be just as good as any high end printer but you do need to put the time into it. To further extend this printer you can print extra support brackets and a hole lot more of extras this printer is really modular and can do just about anything. Slicer we used S3D "Simplify 3D" before this slicer i have used allot of others but this one is my go to slicer 


Post Procesing

This Part William Donald From Inov 3D Does this is what we go through once parts are removed from the bed we remove all support and melt of strings we dont have much of this. then we give all parts a quick sand for better adhesion of the filler primer. I then join all parts together with Pongo PLA Glue this is a new Glue i have tried it is good i cant fault it at all. fast setting easy application. Once all parts are joind i then use wood filler on all the joins the reason i use wood filler is becouse it dosent set fast and is really easy to sand. once this is hard we then sand the wood filler and put more on if needed then sand. Then One or 2 more coats of filler primer and then sand filler primer is used to build up the low parts so you can sand the high parts to the make the parts smooth. After this i just put one coat of White primer 



Ok now on to the hardest part of this hole model the painting and finishing work Lynne Stewart does most of our painting she painted this model first of all she put base coat of red down then up to the darker colours red gray silver copper brown green last black the way we paint our models is light to dark. The way we see it is the dark can always go over the light but not the other way around once base coats was done we then finished the black merging it into the red to have a good solid line of colour. We thought the red needed to go a bit darker so we used red mixed with a small amount of black after this coat was down we then went over it with the original red again to blend the new darker colour better. last but not least we sealed our paint in with high gloss cellulose laquer the paints we used was acrylic the base was dark green with moss on it to give it a bit more life.


The Actual Model Files

Over all we loved the model of DeadPool buy maybe there could have been small changes the sword in his hand we think should have been a part in its own the transition lines from black to red a small amount thicker for more easy painting. Some of the small parts like bags grenades maybe should havebeen a part on its own but over all we give this model 9/10 for detail and printability Malix3Design done a awsome job keep up the good work.


 Write down in Comments what would you like us to do next



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  • william donald posted by william donald Wednesday, 06 September 2017 19:54

    all we do now is print some of his models because we like them we are not trying to promote him any more by linking to his website or by putting his logo on our pictures maybe his models are not his i dont know that and im not saying thay are not his

  • James Boad posted by James Boad Monday, 21 August 2017 04:12

    No, it's not Williams fault, he just got suckered in by this guy.

    But since these other people are just too blind to see let's just highlight one of his many thefts.



    This original was what he stole to do his harley quinn model, he then actually stole ANOTHER persons harley head and used it on that model - so he actually stole 2 designers work for his shitty rip off that you stupid people pay for!



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