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Tevo Black Widow Tevo Black Widow Tevo Black Widow

Tevo Black Widow Progress #1

Tevo Black Widow Progress #1

Lets start by talking about the black widow. The black widow comes in a very large box it was nicely packaged well protected for shipping so there shouldn't be any damage to the printer. This printer comes with many features let me show you its features,one of the features i love the most is the  printer bed nice red colour with the black widow logo placed in the centre also has insulation under the heated bed and it has dual Z.Cheak out our shop it will tell you all the great things this printer has. The only downside to the black widow is that its not good for beginners little bit complex as i found out myself but great for intermediate. Also Tevo did have problems with the printer at the start which everyone knows about. Tevo have done there best to fix the problems with the black widow they even supplied new retrofit kits which i will get into soon. They even have there own facebook community called TEVO Black Widow Owners Group this is a great place to answer question if your needing help.


Now on to the retrofit kits. My mks board started smoking and melting, this was  because of the mosfet on the  mks board was not strong enough for the 3D Printer bed also the screen was not working properly either. I got in contact with pestvic on the tevo black widow community on facebook. He helped me get the parts i needed to get my 3D printer up and going. We also heard that the black widow needed a external mks board so Alice Yu from tevo helped us get the new external mosfet and the new heated bed


Inov 3D left the black widow for a while because we was trying to setup our website and putting more products into the shop for you guys, there will be spare parts for the black widow and tarantula,mosfet board,stepper and many more items for your 3D printing needs. We have now started working more on the black widow and its coming along nicely its working perfectly but we can't forget to add the  BLTOUCH we all need some BLT in our 3D printing life.



  • William posted by William Saturday, 10 June 2017 08:10

    Thank you for the good words and the time to make a comment on this small websites article shows that you take interest in the small things thank you

  • Alice YU posted by Alice YU Saturday, 10 June 2017 08:04


    thx for your feedback for TEVO Black Widow.
    of course yes, we have improved tevo bw to newest version and now TEVO BW always give us good surprise!!!

    Thx for using tevo BW and we will keep move on to produce you better 3d printers and best service!
    have a good time


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