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Fidget Spinners we have Made this week

Fidget Spinners we have Made this week

Inov 3d have got into fidget spinners and we love it. Inov 3d can make custom fidget spinners to your own spec here is a list of some we have made this week.


This one is for my nephew Caden it is our UFO Dual Spinner. Bottom is white and top is green with opposite colour caps. Caden is autistic i hope this helps him, his mother Nikki Mission Donald asked inov 3d to make him one and so we did here is the results.

ASD stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder and can sometimes be referred to as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. In this text Autism and ASD mean the same. ASDs are any developmental disabilities that have been caused by a brain abnormality. A person with an ASD typically has difficulty with social and communication skills.

A person with ASD will typically also prefer to stick to a set of behaviors and will resist any major (and many minor) changes to daily activities. Several relatives and friends of people with ASDs have commented that if the person knows a change is coming in advance, and has time to prepare for it; the resistance to the change is either gone completely or is much lower.


This is our Flower Power Dual Fidget Spinner pink with custom name cap

This one is for Lyns Aunty Mogly its our UFO Dual Fidget Spinner Colour Green White Green with custom Tops

And An other UFO Dual Fidget Spinner For my Cousin Nathan in green and blue with custom cap

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    Hello I really enjoyed reading this website

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    Hello blogger, i have to say you have very interesting
    posts here. Keep up posting !

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