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Afro 3D Printer Fidget Spinner Cap

Afro 3D Printer Fidget Spinner Cap

Here we have it all done Afro 3D Printers Fidget Spinner Cap get yours here  Afro 3D Printer Fidget Spinner Cap


Lets give him some notice shall we

Afro3Dprinter - Attended Ravensbourne College in 2006 gained Ma(Hons) Interactive Digital Media.

He works with technology experimentally, creatively and collaboratively, and applies emerging and existing technology in new and novel ways through personal fabrication, research and the experimental process of application, he relishes the opportunity to prototype ideas and engage with industry standard processes, techniques, technology relevant to 3d printing VR/AR and beyond, bring it on Elon Musk.

Innovation is core to ones progress and implementation of creativity within 3D printing, we need education where everyone can understand that they can be creative and be a maker via collaborative problem solving.
I hope that we can all learn that many of the changes that we face today are social and that by empowering the creative maker in all of us we can use 3d printing and related technologies to engage and develop social innovations and change.

The innovation is not about a niche trendy elite creative group but about developing innovatory ideas and participatory creative expression that makes us all reach for new horizons.

 307,    09  May  2017 ,   Feature

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