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Fidget Spinner Send Us Your Logo

Fidget Spinner Send Us Your Logo

We are going to start a fidget spinner series 1st Series will be 3DP Startup,Business,Company,Organization,Network..... For this we need your logo. and info about you


We want to give everyone more notice in the 3D Printing Industry we cant guarantee an exact match in the logo it all depends on the converting process


Finished Top

Guide Lines

we are converting your logo to svg so the simpler the logo the better no animations 


What we need


  • Your Logo
  • Info about your Startup,Business,Company,Organization,Network.....

what we will provide

  • A article on our site about you and your new top
  • Every top we sell we sell it with the info about you
  • The stl and render of the top
  • A link to the article we make
  • SVG of your image
  • A Turntable Video of the render


 804,    01  May  2017 ,   Feature

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