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Inov3D is an end to end embedded electronic systems design,product engineering and a 3D modeling printing company.We are very passionate and community driven to create and bring to the market meaningful products and services. Inov3D is a one stop shop for those who are seeking innovative technology solutions to their existing electronic systems development needs or to convert their ideas into real viable cost effective product solutions. Our senior management team with more years of experience in a wide range of technical disciplines, in the past has assisted its customers develop robust, innovative and cost effective embedded solutions. We are rich in providing above service with the first priority as customer satisfaction.

 Inov 3D is providing System Designing circuit designing, analyzing, simulation,fabrication,3D printing and 3D models as well.Our Department of Electronics and Automata is supervised by senior professional engineers having keen interest in the field of Mechatronics, Robotics and automation. We deal in providing all in one solution for the following modules

1:system design

2: Electromechanical systems


4:Project under digital and analogue electronics

5:3D printer boards and add ons

6:3D modeling

7:3D printing


Our professionals are looking forward to solve your queries




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  • william posted by william Monday, 09 October 2017 17:45

    hello william here from inov 3d we haven't herd if these issues have been resolved but i am sure you can just turn the voltage up on the controller we have not got them in uk but we can get them to you from china if you would like to talk more just send a msg

  • Trevor Clegg posted by Trevor Clegg Monday, 09 October 2017 16:06

    I see that you are you based in Aberdeen.
    Do you have Tevo Tornados in stock now?
    How much is delivery?
    How long is delivery/
    Many thanks
    Bradford UK
    PS. A reviewer on Youtube mentioned a couple of issues
    1) Adjustment screw on extruder
    2) Y axis stepper motor running too cold for size of motor and really needs more current - otherwise, layer shifting occurs. (Other people have mentioned this also). See link to youtube review below.

    If you have them in stock, have the 2 issues above been resolved?
    Many thanks

    PS Have posted this comment elsewhere on the site but not showing up here so here it is again.


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